First time ever, live tracking data visualised in live broadcast

Maple Bowl XXXVI pioneering real-time analytics and TV graphics in the world.
Finnish American Football Association (SAJL) together with SportIQ and Nelonen Media, are in the forefront in the world of real-time analytics and statistics, as well as graphic production on live television. In Maple Bowl XXXVI (American football Finnish Championship game) event players, the ball, as well as judges will be tracked and produced analytics and graphics for live television broadcast. SportIQ solution used in the game, enables the utilization through real-time player tracking and analytics, as well as live TV production and game analysis afterwards for training purposes.
SportIQ CEO Harri Hohteri:
“Our continuous and focused work of several years in real-time analytics and visualization, has brought to us to this groundbreaking point. Today we can happily together with SAJL and Nelonen Media show that by investing in the right things and understanding end customer the best, we can offer engaging solutions across different sports. Our solutions assists (edesauttaa) the general public to follow specific sports easier and supports teams and individuals to advance to the top.”
SAJL President of Roope Noronen:
“It’s great to be forerunner and to test a new technology that could be used to serve the audience better. When at the same time, it is possible to obtain game data for coaching and education. We can benefit from this type of solutions and improve our game to a new level.”
¬†Nelonen Media Production, Pauli Talikka: “We received HD-SDI cable from SportIQ solution and it was immediately integrated into our existing workflow. Super simple!”
About SportIQ:
SportIQ is the first in the world providing real-time the ball and the player tracking in basketball since 2013. Along with Wilson Sporting Goods SportIQ has brought to market the first consumer basketball, which detects and calculates shots anywhere, anytime. Today SportIQ deliver the world’s first TV production of realtime analytics and visualization. Founded in 2008, SportIQ is an innovation-driven sports technology and analytics company and the creator of a groundbreaking player and sports equipment tracking solution that is currently being piloted by leading sports organizations around the world.