SportIQ launches a smart hockey puck in the Finnish Elite League

SportIQ introduces a smart hockey puck to be used in the Finnish Elite League. The puck features a smart sensor that enables tracking of  puck possession and shot speed amongst a wide range of other stats. “This technology has never been seen before in ice hockey”, states reporter Olli Eronen.

Even though the smart hockey puck features a built-in sensor, on the outside it is not any different than a regular puck. “I didn’t notice any difference”, tells Finnish Elite League team Tappara’s defenseman Markus Kankaanperä after shooting back to back with a smart puck and a regular puck.

Watch the full video in Finnish here.

SportIQ participates in the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2015

SportIQ announces that it is a proud sponsor of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2015. This is the second time SportIQ is participating the event after taking part in the Trade Show in 2014. In its conference booth, SportIQ is set to show its array of analytical tools for various sports with basketball in the main focus. The stand-out core capabilities of SportIQ’s expertise are the ability to integrate various data sources and provide real-time analytics of sporting events. Professional quality smart basketball and other sporting equipment make SportIQ a unique player in the ever growing field of sports technology and analytics. Come and visit us at the conference and find out more.

MIT SSAC 2015 gathers together the best of the sports technology with the focus in analytics and data. This years conference features speakers such as Adam Silver – the commissioner of the NBA, Don Garber – the commissioner of the MLS, and many other major sports influencers and analysts.

SportIQ Announces A Game Changing Real-Time Basketball Analytics Platform

SportIQ brings the game changer in technology for Real-Time Basketball Tracking Systems and analytics.

(Helsinki, FINLAND – February 28, 2014) SportIQ is proud to present and release the unique ability to track the basketball itself automatically without any optical system or human workers. In addition, this information combined with the player positions creates a new automated approach to Basketball Analytics.

Referring to the article “The Data Ball“, the data is out there, but the key is how to take advantage of it and make it easy to use?

With SportIQ’s Real-Time tracking system and automated analytics solution, some of this analysis can be done instantly during the game. The result is more advanced and more comparable statistics than what’s ever been available previously including ball-screen, post play and offensive sets detection.

Harri Hohteri, CEO of SportIQ says, “Real-time statistics and analytics play an ever increasing role between a win and a loss. SportIQ provides the technology and tools in a user-friendly package which will result in more W’s.”

Part of the platform is an intuitive coaching app which is available at the iTunes App Store. By integrating live statistics with game video, coaches can harness the analytics power of the platform in an instant.

Learn more about the tracking system by watching the embedded video below:


SportIQ is a Finnish-based sports analytics company founded in 2008. With a team of analytics and programming experts and former athletes, the company’s mission is to make sports analytics automated and more easily available for players, coaches, broadcasters and fans. The company was the first in the world to automatically track basketball players and the basketball in real-time in the Finnish Basketball league during the 2012-13 season.

More Intelligent Ice Hockey

SportIQ negotiating with the Finnish Hockey League about more intelligent Ice Hockey. Finnish Hockey League is trying to improve the quality of the statistics and negotiates with SportIQ. One of the interests is to be able to track where the shots were taken and how many players are in between the shooter and the goal. SportIQ’s system could provide that information.