Making Sports Intelligent

SportIQ’s solutions benefit the coaches, teams, broadcasters and fans. With the “lights out” tracking technology event action on the court or field can be synthesized and turned into advanced statistics or real-time video elements. The solution is scalable to be used in various sports and even in training.

Intelligent CoachingIntelligent coaching tool

Coaches can analyze the game faster with linking the statistics and video better than ever. Interesting events or details can be selected and the video clips of them played, viewed and reviewed automatically. This allows quicker feedback to the players and can save hours of scouting.

Real-Time Animations

Real-time Animation

With SportIQ’s tracking technology the tagged players and basketball are animated live in 2D. The animation can be streamed in real-time. Combined with the play-by-play the 2D animation will make following a live event more interesting in case it is not broadcasted. This also allows viewers with mobile devices or lower bandwith to follow the events of a game. » Watch the video


We know your next move

With more advanced stats the teams performance can be evaluated from different perspectives. The tracking system makes it possible to look beyond performances of individual players revealing team patterns and sets. This makes it easier to evaluate how team is executing the game plan and give information on opponents possible styles of play.

Evaluating players performance and movements can be done in a new way with more additional information. Activity and positions of each players in any given event of the game gives more in-depth idea of the performance.

Team Sport, Any Sport

Once implemented the technology can be used in any sport. It’s not based on cameras but tracking down the objects of interest. Therefore it’s scalable to be used for various different sports like ice hockey, football, tennis and many others.

Using the system doesn’t require a big staff which makes it possible to use it also in training and compare the quality of team and individual training to competition situations.

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